Common Types of Eye Injuries

Common Types of Eye Injuries

Common Types of Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can be minor or major. Minor injuries typically do not require much medical attention apart from the initial visit to the eye doctor. The damage from a minor injury will often heal after a few days or weeks. In contrast, major eye injuries often require immediate medical attention and lengthy procedures. 

If you get a major eye injury, it is important to see an eye doctor at Vision Source Grove Heights as soon as possible. It is only for some minor injuries that you can have home treatments. If you wait too long before seeing an eye doctor after a significant injury, you may have problems with your vision. It is also likely that you can lose your sight in severe cases. 

So, what are some common types of eye injuries you may encounter? Read on to learn more. 


Corneal Abrasion 

One of the most common eye injuries you can incur is a corneal abrasion or a scratch in the eye. Corneal abrasion can occur in any manner, but one of the most common is through a foreign object in the eye. When you get a foreign object in the eye, such as sand, and you rub your eye, you can scratch the surface of the eye. 

Corneal abrasions can cause eye redness, significant discomfort, and sensitivity to light. Other than these symptoms, abrasions can make you susceptible to other infections. Because an abrasion creates an opening in your eye surface, bacteria or fungi can quickly get into the eye and cause significant damage. 


Penetration or Foreign Object in the Eye

While a small foreign object can cause an abrasion when you rub the eye, larger objects can cause more damage. A large foreign object can penetrate your eye's surface and impact your vision. 

When you have a large foreign object in your eye, like a piece of glass, you mustn't try to remove it. If you attempt to remove it yourself, you may cause more damage to your eye. You may even end up losing vision in the affected eye. 


Chemical or Caustic Burns

These usually occur when chemicals splash into your face and enter the eye. Some substances may burn when they come into contact with the eye and are harmless with a little water flushing. Others, however, are a danger to your visual health. 

Chemical burns come in two main forms:


  • Acid 

When acid splashes into your eye, you must flush your eyes with plenty of water to prevent damage. They cause redness and a burning feeling, but they wash away when you rinse with water. 


  • Alkaline 

When alkaline chemicals splash into your eye, it is much more essential to flush them out. While these do not burn as much as acid, they are more dangerous to your vision. They can usually lead to vision loss quite quickly. 


Black Eye

Probably the most popular eye injury because of its prevalent depiction in movies, a black eye is the result of blunt force trauma. You can get a black eye if you get punched in the eye or walk into a door. The dark color comes from the clotting of blood under your skin. As it heals, it changes color as it becomes lighter.

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