Is There a Difference in the Quality of Prescription Lenses?

Is There a Difference in the Quality of Prescription Lenses?

Is There a Difference in the Quality of Prescription Lenses?

Who wouldn’t want to save on prescription lenses? The American Optometric Association states that there is a significant difference in the quality of prescription lenses you get. Your eye doctor will offer the correct prescription lenses for a price. But most people find discounts on prescription lenses attractive. Before you decide on which lenses to get, here are the details about the differences in the quality of the prescription lenses.


Why Go With Your Eye Doctor’s Prescription

Seeing your eye doctor will allow you to go through a thorough evaluation. Your eye doctor will check your vision, daily activities, preferred frame, and lifestyle. You will get a pair of eyeglasses that will fit your needs. The custom-fit prescription lenses may come at a significant price, but you know you will get what you paid for.

Your eye doctor will see if you need either single-vision lenses such as Eyezen or progressive lenses such as Essilor Varilux. You need to tell your doctor if you are going to use your lenses indoors or outdoors. Your lifestyle will determine if you need tinted, anti-reflective, or photochromatic lenses. Your eye doctor will ask you about the thickness, style, strength, and comfort level that you want.

It is important to note that your prescription glasses will need to go with the right lens material. The lens coating and lens quality will differ based on the eye clinic that handles your case. Prescription lenses are different from discount lenses. These lenses come with the information that you need. They allow you to make an informed decision about the ideal prescription lenses that will fit your visual needs.


Considering Designer Lenses

These lenses have a higher standard than regular prescription lenses. They are made of materials of a higher quality. You can also enjoy more choices with designer lenses. Designer lenses often come with a warranty. You have coverage in case your glasses become defective.


Benefits of Designer Lenses

You may be torn about choosing between prescription and designer lenses. Prescription lenses provide you with your most basic visual needs. The goal of getting these lenses is to give you enough lift in your vision to perform your daily tasks without issue. Designer lenses can do this, too, but at a much higher level. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from designer lenses:


  • You get more lens options. Designer lenses can have your prescription and additional features. They can be shatterproof or even anti-glare lenses.

  • You get a better fit and comfort. Discount glasses with discount lenses from a store rack will not ensure a good fit. They may shake on your face or even slide off. In some cases, they may be too constricting. Some prescription lenses tend to have the same issues sometimes. Designer frames will fit you and bring you comfort. You can move whichever way you want without worrying about your lenses falling off.

  • You get a much better frame. Designer lenses always have a stronger frame because the materials of the frame are of superior quality. They look and feel sturdy. Some eye doctors even offer unbreakable frames that twist and bend. There are even frames that come with lifetime warranties. You can never get this quality from discounts or regular prescription lenses.

Knowing your prescription lenses can help you make informed decisions about the quality of lenses that you need or want. At Vision Source Grove Heights, we offer a wide variety of high-quality prescription lenses for every vision health need. Feel free to visit our clinic in Houston, Texas, for an in-person consultation. You can also reach us at 346-782-0288 if you want to schedule an appointment or ask about the prescription lenses that we have on hand.

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